Japan Fest Recap

Another year, another great turnout at the Martial Arts stage for Japan Fest! Many schools came out to perform, and the crowd grew larger and larger as the days went on.

The weather didn't quite agree with us on Saturday, and our dojo actually got rained out - we weren't able to perform at all that day. But no worries, we definitely made up for it on Sunday and performed twice! The weather was beautiful, and if I may say so myself, our school put on an amazing show. All the many hours of training and hard work definitely showed.

A big thanks to our dedicated students who performed and helped the Martial Arts stage run smoothly! Another big thanks to all of the martial arts school that came out to perform and support the event.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming (i.e. kickin' butt in the dojo). See y'all on the mats!


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- Toshitsugu Takamatsu

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